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Our Story

“MiaMae- Where Luxury Comes First!”

In 2015 my candle making hobby began. I was extremely naive to think it would be a simple process. After a couple of frustrating years and a huge amount of money, I finally managed to produce my finished products.

In 2018, MiaMae Luxury Candles was established and we have not looked back. From marketing all over Scotland and stocking some amazing businesses, our first year has been an incredibly busy one.

All of our products are hand poured with 100% soy wax. Soy wax is made from soya beans which is more sustainable, eco-friendly giving the candle a cleaner, healthier and longer burn time than petroleum based paraffin candles.

MiaMae’s aim is to provide you with luxurious products that can be used for any occasion. Whether it is to simply fragrance your home or to relax you whilst you soak away your troubles in a deep bath after a hard day. We have fragrances to suit any mood.

Louise x

Founder of MiaMae